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As a Bait Manufacturer with many years experience in this game its common knowledge that no matter what you try and do on the day where the Carp are Feasting on Natural Fly Hatches your bottom Bait Food Source Presentation possibly don't even get a look at if the Carp are Mooching and Milling around in the Upper Layers. The New PSBugZ Black Tail or Black UV are a very welcome addition to the PSB Range of Unique Hookbait Alternatives to catch carp. These suspended PSBugZ are the Go To approach when you find in 10-15-20ft of water the Carp are just under the surface come Mid to late Spring even Summer and Autumn on High Temperatures or High Pressures.

We love a Food Source on the lakebed to feed Mr Carp here at PSB but there are times during your session especially on long trips to Expensive Day Ticket waters or Weeks Holiday where you have no idea what Swim you'll end up in or depth of water you'll be fishing so the PSBugZ are possibly on the day the best approach to take for catching carp.

The Expert Attention to Detail on each PSBugZ you'll receive are second to none, in our opinion the best you'll see on the market. We have used a very unique Material to tie each PSBugZ a UV Material at an expense which will reflect light during the Day or Night, those Moody days or Bright Sunny Days even off the Moon we have it covered in our Range of Awesome PSBugZ. 

There'll be movement from the very fine flecks of UV Material and Tails unlike a piece of traditional foam, this is an Edge for Mr Carp either to catch there eye as the movement of the PSBugZ in the Water also Reflects Light. You can Trim the Tail on the Black Tail Zig-Bugs to suit your style or preference to make them Special to You.

Our PSBugZ are also very slightly Flavoured with our Unique Blend of Carp Catching Flavours which we know Carp love. They will be a Huge Edge and Advantage on any lake you choose to use permitting Zig Rigs are Allowed please check the Lake Rules firstly or ask the Fishery Owner in person if allowed before use we also advise using a Minimum of 10lb Zig Line.

We are Proud of the Fact that the New PSBugZ are Bespoke to Pukka Squirrel Baits these litteraly cannot be coppied in anyway shape or form due to the Secret Unique UV Materials used to tie them and a serious amount thought using a Mega Blend of Flavour including a Deadly Sharp Gaped Hook. The cost we break down as what would you pay to Catch the Fish of a Lifetime or a New Personal Best especially on them Expensive Day Ticket Venues? There is no cost we are all chasing dreams and aspirations on limited time of landing more Carp during your session, this is when of course the Carp are not feeding on the Lakebed using PSB Food Source Baits but in the Upper Layers on the PSBugZ.

To add and help more Attraction to you're PSBugZ check out the UV Torch and the PSB Range of Juice Concentrate Liquids Pukka Squirrel Baits do what the PSBugZ have be lathered in at the right amount to trigger the Senses and Taste Buds of Mr Carp, they come in 125ml and have a Wide Neck which makes it easy to dip you're chosen PSBugZ into for maximum attraction and leakage especially during the night when you're PSBugZ could be out in the water a long period of time.

Its a No Brainer to you that Know to carry some PSBugZ this Season as part of You're Armoury a Huge but Small Addition that oozes Quality which we know will no doubt be putting more fish on the Bank and Smiles on you're Faces at the right time of year when we know you'll be One Step Ahead.

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