This awesome water soluble Fish Protein Food Dip has proved the test of time on many waters across the country as an instant "Gloopy" carp attractant which is based on the winning Liquid Krill loaded with Amino's, Soluble Fish Meal, Yeast & another Secret Powder we cannot disclose. Our Special Blend of Essential Oils & Flavors are also in this unique "Gloopy" Food Dip which is Pva friendly & perfect for curing your Hard Hook Baits acting as a preserve or added to the Dark Fishy Cloud as a simple Stick Mix. The SS4 Food Dip has a very distinctive smell and taste very dark in color which the carp simply cannot resist throughout the four seasons. Many Big Carp have tripped up on this Awesome Liquid Fish Protein on short sessions even in winter with its Pukka leakage of Secret Ingredients which carp love, Its most certainly a Winning "Gloopy" Liquid that will inspire you to catch whenever used. The SS4 Fish Protein Food Dip is Extremely thick due to the Quality of the 100% Krill Extract this is not thinned down like your normal Liquid Krill its Thick! Please make sure you shake the bottle well we advise during Spring, Summer and Autumn adding a good helping of SS4 Food Dip over your Freebies or Matching SS4 Pellet adding warm water then a sprinkling of Dark Fishy Cloud into a bait bucket shaking well the night before you go angling ready for use. A serious Game Changer only them that use it know how Deadly the Fish Protein Food Bait is. Sshhhh!!

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