The pukka paste is basically the base mix of the SS4 Food Bait itself the breakdown time is very quick only a few seconds depending on the time of year and temp of the water giving off many different food sources and signals with natural flavors and attractors that stimulate the carps senses giving you that edge and an hook bait presentation alternative. A popular item of the SS4 range for those old skool anglers that like to roll there own cork ball pop ups or for those river anglers that like added attraction to there hook baits pukka for the fast flowing water or that edge in winter. Due to the huge amount of Natural Oils and Liquid Attractors in the Pukka Paste you'll be giving Mr Carp a huge amount of Food Signals the minute it hits the water. 7-14 days lead time Although we have 100% natural ingredients in all products they are not safe for human consumption.

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