The Milky Cloud is an Amazing Milky Powder consisting of many known Winning Formula Ingredients and Proven Powders for almost any situation during your session. The Milky Cloud is Perfect for the Colder Months due to the fact it holds the following powders. Birdfood, CLO, Vanilla Meal, Egg Biscuit, Intense Sweetener, Crushed Hemp, Crushed Low Oiled Pellet, Milk Powders along with a Blend of our Secret Winter Flavors which the Carp Love. Again this amazing Instant High Attract Milky Cloud can be used as a simple Stick Mix, Spodding Soup over Zigs by adding Lake Water, Rolling your Pre Dipped Hookbait into the Milky Cloud or adding over your Heavily Glugged Pellet.

A Winning Formula especially in Winter but also Deadly in the Summer Months in those Gin Clear Waters. Guys looking for that Different Hookbait Alternative in any layer of the lake look no further than the Milky Cloud a very Sweet White Cloud that Carp simply cannot resist. A must have during every session, As we all say at Team PSB "If in Doubt get The Milky Cloud Out!"


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