Who we are...

Pukka Squirrel Baits are a unique Carp Bait Company based in the UK aiming to provide Old Skool Quality Carp Catching Natural Food Baits to all our Like Minded Team and Valued Customers. We are totally different in many ways starting with using the best 100% proven natural fresh ingredients and Awesome Carp Attractors which all our Food Baits are Rolled with using Fresh Eggs from Order. There are No Preservatives, Artificial Colors or Artificial Ingredients in any of our PSB Food Baits Range all our Quality Fresh Frozen Food Baits are rolled Fresh from order lead time 7-10 working days. Pukka Squirrel Baits were Established in 2012 with the thought of Thinking Outside the Box with the Carp in mind knowing what they require as a Food Source all year round.

PSB as known as in the Carp Bait Trade thrive on Quality we feel we are in an advance stage to many out there regards to the thought process, experience and knowledge regards to Carp Food Baits, Liquid Attractors and Hook Baits for that all important bite over the 4 Seasons. All Our Food Baits are on the Soft Side we Love an OldSkool Soft Bait here at PSB again a little bit different to the masses but under no illusions making out we are the next best thing out there in the very small bait world. Although we have a vast amount of experience in knowing what carp require nutritionally as part of there very strict diet over the 4 Seasons along with experienced of having tried and tested many powders, liquids and oils in all water temps that the carp crave and require over the last 35 years in all conditions, gives us all the confidence knowing what ever our Like Minded Team Members and Customers decide to use they can use with Confidence which is simple to Catching Carp.

We believe in Keeping It Real and provide Carp Anglers Quality Carp Baits that are perfectly rolled catching Carp off the deck on a Food Source that's giving Mr Carp and the Lakes Inhabitants something back in the process of Catching them. We are Proud to act in a professional manner as a Carp Bait Company on Social Media just holding up an Old Skool Original Carp with a Smile is all we have to do a Picture can tell a thousand words they say! All our Team Members and Customers are all treated the same there are No Full Time or Sponsored Anglers, No Superstars and certainly No Competition between Ourselves or against any other Bait Company just genuine people from all walks of life doing what we all love. We are a Passionate bunch of Anglers here happy to help anyone along there journey of Chasing Old English Carp all over the UK and those Huge Carp that reside in Mainland Europe.

Pukka Squirrel Baits have surprised so many within the bait industry since we launched in 2012 with our approach to catching some of the most sought after stunning old original English carp on the first time the bait or angler hitting that particular water with there chosen Food Bait. There's no pre baiting required using Pukka Squirrel Baits because of the quality of the freshly rolled bait and high grade powders used you receive in all our Pukka Food Baits that we provide at a very affordable price, you simply locate the carp apply your PSB Food Source and hopefully your results will do all the talking they don't call us Secret Squirrels for nothing. We do not give samples or require field testers here at Pukka Squirrel Baits the minimum order is 5 kilo of freshly rolled food bait through our website and again we must stress it's about quality not quantity.

The brain and experience behind the Pukka Squirrel Food Baits Range is Marc Smurf Twaite who's lived and learned on many vast waters across the UK from those highly pressured Day Ticket Waters, Big Low Stock Pits chasing Old English Carp along with over 20 Years Experience Fishing Mainland Europe knowing what it takes to put together a quality rolled finished bait that is highly attractive in sense of Nutrition using Grade A Powders, Essential Oil's and Flavors for the carp along with the baits being extremely highly soluble and digestible over the four seasons. The key to Pukka Squirrel Baits is that we have a range of quality Fishmeal, Bird Food and Milky Nut Baits that the carp can recognize as being on the natural side giving them something they require to survive not just a food source or supplement but a meal Mr Carp won't forget.

You'll see all our unique PSB slogans and logos around the country from the Pukka Squirrel Baits Clothing Range along with keeping up to date with us and some of our Catch Reports on Instagram and Twitter we don't disclose all our Captures Respecting all the Anglers using our Food Baits. We welcome those Secret Squirrels of the Angling world that's what we are all about None Publicity Captures is ok in our book so if your looking to be Unique not get involved in the Hype of Modern Day Carp Fishing

"If In doubt give PSB a Shout".

Keep Smiling & Be Lucky

Marc Smurf Twaite

Pukka Squirrel Baits