These Little Oily Gems are a Very High Attract 2mm Pellet deadly for the Solid Bag Anglers or for those who love to Stalk Carp close in on lakes full Of bird life.

We love the Pure Attract Fish Oil Content of these Small 2mm High Oil Pellet which is Extremely High or can be used as Free Offerings even to Bulk out a Spod Mix also.

These go Perfectly with the Clouds at PSB and alongside either the Pukka RankFish Pure Fish Extract or Sweet Candy Syrup a Winner again for those Spombing just Boilie these add the weight you desire to get Boilie out at range. Also for you Solid Bag Anglers these will compact to a Rock with Added Dark Fishy Cloud and Pure Fish Extract from the RankFish Range a Deadly Combination that will without a doubt get you More Bites and Catch you more Carp.

They come in a 2k Bag. We pride ourselves on Quality and again here at PSB we're very Proud to bring your the High Oil 2mm PSB Pellet.

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HIGH OIL 2mm PSB Pellet

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