What can we say about these amazing little 12mm Pops.

The name itself tells you all you need to know, Peach Sorbet screams Carp rolled on a Milk Protien Base with added Milks and with an added blend of our Unique Flavour and Essential Oil.

The Peach Sorbet have a special fleck on there Peach Colour body for a reason, the leakage on these bad boys will have the Carp going crazy presented as a single hookbait or presented over the Fruit Sorbet Fresh Food Baits themselves an absolute no brainer. Say no more the Peach Sorbet are the Perfect floral colour a washed out affect but with Maximum Attraction deadly all year round or on any Day Ticket Water that sees alot of washed out Baits

Simply Amazing.

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FS2 Flouro Peach 12mm Pops

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