These Devastating High Protien Pellet in 9mm are the Perfect High Attract Food Source for Carp with a 2-8 Hour Breakdown Time depending on the Water Temps and Time Of Year.

They Compliment Our Fresh Frozen Food Baits Hugely we wanted an Unique Addition to the PSB Range with Extremely High Protien Levels these being over 40% and Full of Attraction for Carp.

These Awesome Carp Catchers are a Winner they can be used as Free Offerings or used in Conjuction with your Chosen Spod Mix adding one of our Many Mega Liquid Food Dips for Intense Leakage throughout the water Columns.

These will Catch you more Carp they are a Nice Subtle Dark Brown in Colour Pellet and the moment you've got them in your hands you'll know what damage there going to do. We feel using these High Protien 9mm PSB Pellet you'll soon see for yourself purely down to your success why we've added them to the PSB Range.

They come in a 2k Bag

We pride ourselves on Quality and again here at PSB we're very Proud to bring your the High Protien 9mm PSB Pellet.

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