This amazing Fruit Sorbet 2 "Secret Sherbet" is our Biggest Secret in the Range itself behind the Frenzied Milkshake Food Dip.

An extremely powerful mix of "Secret Sherbet Powders" that combine perfectly to do exactly what you want in the Colder Months. We advise to use this "Secret Sherbet" for Hook Baits only best used after coating with the FS2 "Juice Concentrate" or after you've dipped your chosen Hook Bait in the Awesome Frenzied Milkshake Food Dip.

This amazing blend of Potent "Amino Acid" Milk Powders will coat your hook baits which enables your hook bait to sit perfectly on silt throughout your session protecting from the nasty smells silt can give you on a normal hook bait in Winter. It consists of 100% Natural Products that have stood the test of time and is very unique to us here at Pukka Squirrel Baits especially made in house as what we are using we feel are a Little bit Special.

The breakdown is clear to see in Gin Clear Water in Winter and the Food Signals along with "Natural Amino Acids" with Flavour that leak from your hook bait after you've applied the "Secret Sherbet" is something the Carp Crave in the Colder Months and will still cling onto your hook bait during big long casts. We are most certainly one step ahead of the game here our "Secret Sherbet" has all the ingredients to help you present on any lake bed and get you that all important bite which can make your Winter Sessions very enjoyable and Memorable.

We are Secret Squirrels and don't give all our Secrets away don't be put off by the Cost because the Awesome "Fruit Sorbet 2 Secret Sherbet" is worth every penny your results will tell you this when you know you know.

Its great to be different and it's great to have something unique like the "Secret Sherbet" as part of your armoury in Winter, so if in doubt give PSB a shout the "Secret Sherbet" is a one off that cannot be copied by anyone in anyway


Shake well before use.

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FS2 Secret Sherbet

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