• FS2 Frenzied Milkshake Food Dip
The perfectly apt name for the Liquid Food Dip in our awesome Fruit Sorbet 2 Range is the "Frenzied Milkshake".

We believe after testing over many many months in all conditions was to get the consistency correct for all. Water temps especially in the Winter and Sub Zero water temps.

This very unique High Attract "Milky Frenzied Milkshake" is a Winner and with a small amount of added Natural Food Grade Oil makes tm it Pva Friendly. Again we don't see anything else like this out there so we feel we're onto something Special and after results we know we are. The Unique "Frenzied Milkshake" is made up of 100% Natural Products consists of those very Expensive Grade A Milk Palatants, Intense Sweeteners, Milk Powders with a Sour Taste and added Flavoured Attractors that are in the Fresh Food Bait, Secret Sherbert and Juice Concentrate which Compliment the whole Range of Fruit Sorbet 2. This Awesome Food Dip can be added to soak your Hook Baits in or to the Boilie itself making them High Attract in the Gin Clear Cold Water of Winter and goes perfectly with the Secret Sherbert Powder.

A drizzle over crumbed FS2 Boilie adding plenty of the Sweet Milky Cloud is a Combination that will get you bites wherever you go Instantly in Winter. The Massive amount of Natural Food Signals and Attraction is Immense you'll see this which is adaptable in any Angling situation even adding to a Soup Mix of Sweet Milky Cloud and Boilie Crumb Spodded over Zigs if you wish.

Results have been instant the Carps Response have been devastating to the Frenzied Milkshake which holds many Secrets but we are keeping these very close to our chest because we know we're onto something very special indeed and cannot be copied by anyone out there strictly in confidence to PSB. So if your looking for a different approach to your normal Winter Angling check out the whole Fruit Sorbet 2 Range with the Frenzied Milkshake you'll be sure to have them bobbins dancing and wet nets throughout Winter Simply Awesome.

Shake well before use.

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FS2 Frenzied Milkshake Food Dip

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