This Fishy "Secret Oil" thats 100% natural and been a Liquid Trick that Marc Smurf Twaite has used to cure his hook baits acting as a preserve or coated Mixers for Surface Fishing in the Summer Months for years. This has 2 infused activators where once shaken due to 1 being in powdered form and another Liquid Fish Oil there’s a reaction giving a great natural "Fishy" smell through the layers from your hook bait or being added to the Dark Fishy Cloud using a simple Stick even better over Matching SS4 Pellet for example giving yourself that confidence that carp will be drawn into the area purely down to the attractions and taste of this winning combination of the Secret Oil. A Winner used in Solid Bags for many day ticket Anglers which you cannot overload who's looking for that quick bite on any lake where you can use with Confidence all year round, a Fishy Liquid Oil which is a must have Especially in Summer where it really comes into it own. We don't call it "Secret Oil" for nothing!

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