• SS4 BOILIES 12mm

A Traditional ‘Old Skool’ recipe which is our best seller to date since its launch has caught some of the most sought after old English carp in the country on its first time being introduced.

The awesome SS4 is rolled in 12mm and full of nutrition what the carp requires for their digestive system to survive over the four seasons. We have a few secret ingredients not just in the bait itself but in the complete SS4 range that complement the boilie that have been proven to catch big commons over the years these are from the experience & brain of Marc Smurf Twaite.

The content of the bait is a very highly soluble digestible food source that carp can easily get it through them over the four seasons even in winter that is loaded with the following ingredient’s.

- Pre Digestive Fish, LT94 Fish Meal, Robin Red, Krill Meal, Milk Natural Extracts, Natural Oils & a unique blend I essential oils & natural flavours.

The bait is deep red in colour although its 100% natural there are no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and being a freshly rolled bait from order you freeze once received. The bait is on the soft side the texture is awesome you can simply dry them out for just 24hr if you’re using the stick to get them out at range this will harden the outer skin but also use straight from either delivery or from frozen for best results.

We feel this is a unique blend of real old school ingredients making them irresistible for Mr Carp a real Big Carp bait you won’t be disappointed in this Secret Smurf 4 bait it’s changing anglers lives for the better we are Secret Squirrels but all our Secrets are in the SS4 Range. Please Allow 7-14 days’ lead time for Delivery.

These are fresh frozen food baits there are No Artificial Colours, Flavours or Preservatives for best results use from frozen straight out the bag keep cool at all times. Although we have 100% natural ingredients in all products they are not safe for human consumption.

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