These awesome little bright Flouro Pink 12mm Pops really are the real deal for Spring. Rolled on a Milk Protien Base with our Special Blend of Unique Flavours and Essential Oil with added Spicey Powders which ultimately make these little Gems a Winner.

Our classic Bright Flouro Pink 12mm Pops are deadly as a single Hookbait or tipping off the Secret Smurf SS4 Range of Hard Hookbaits as a Snowman Presentation.

Again perfect for Spring Flouro Pink is a fantastic Colour these can also be trimmed down to a small barrel Pukka for the Solid Bags presentation of Dark Fishy Cloud, 2mm Pily Pellet and Secret Oil.

A huge part of you're armoury to catch Carp when you know you know these are not just some ordinary Fluoro Pink Pops they are Very Unique Hookbait as part of the PSB Range.

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SS4 Flouro Pink 12mm Pops

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