The Secret Smurf SS4 Pop Ups are a fantastic addition to the SS4 Food Bait Range in 14mm & 16mm. These awesome High Attract very Bouyant Pop Ups will give you that perfect Match the Hatch presentation over the SS4 Food Baits.

If you're looking for the Stealth Bait and Wait approach these Food Source Pop Ups will stay Popped up over 48hrs or for them very pressured waters where Mr Carp can spot the difference then look no further than these little gems which blend in Pukka on the lake bed to the SS4 Food Baits being deep red. You can Juice the Pop Ups as much as you like the SS4 Concentrate part of the Secret Smurf Range will make them Very High Attract Oily and Cured for the Quick Bite as a Single Hook bait or fishing those extremely Weedy Waters throughout the Summer months for maximum Natural attraction.

Dont miss out on these amazing Secret Smurf SS4 Pop Ups a must have as part of your Hook bait Armoury.


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