This awesome high attract Dark Cloud can be used for many angling situations. The Dark Cloud consists of several Grade A Powders & Proven Ingredients such as Marine Powder, LT94 Fishmeal, Yeast, Betaine, Krill, Crushed Hemp, Crushed Pellet with an added Blend of Secret Oils for all year use but in the Summer and Warmer Months its Deadly. The Dark Cloud can be used as a simple High Attract Stick Mix, Spodding Soup over Zigs by adding Lake Water or by firstly dipping your Hookbait in your chosen PSB Food Dip before rolling around in the Dark Cloud giving off a huge amount of Instant Attraction over your Hook Bait Presentation even adding a little Dark Cloud Powder to your Pre Glugged Pellet.

It's a Winner on those Gin Clear waters which triggers the Carps Senses to feed a real edge to guys looking for Bites even during the Cold Water times or year especially those Anglers in Matches or Comps where you can adapt n adjust your Angling situation by simply using the Dark Cloud giving you confidence the Carp will be drawn into the area quickly purely down to Attraction it Leaks.

Don't leave without a bag of Dark Cloud during your session as we all say at Team PSB "If in Doubt get The Dark Cloud Out!"


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